ERP Based Stock Management System

As a part of Academics I have made this ERP- based stock management system as my software project in 6th semester.

What is ERP-system?

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is usually referred to as a category of business management software. It provides an integrated and continuously updated view of core business processes using a common database maintained by a database management system.

ERP System

As we know, Cement is one of the most important product which is used in any kind of construction. The companies sell cement in two mode. Online and offline. So, companies required one software to see the sell of cement and to manage the cement sell. So, we have designed one software from which the owner can manage his business. In this software there are three logins first one for User, second for Distributor and last is for Owner. User can see his cement purchases, his distributor’s information. Distributor can see his user’s information. He can add cement in particular user’s table. He can also watch user’s purchase history. The owner can see his distributor’s information and cement sell. This type of basic functionalities are given is this software.


The basic Purpose of this software is to give a professional software which is easy to use. So, owner can manage his business on online mode.


User : Watch History, Distributor’s Information , Profile view and edit

Distributor : Customer’s details, Purchase history of a specific customer, Selling cements to the customer and make bill receipts, Auto-invoice generator, Stock management, Stock dashboard, Add stock

Admin : Add Distributor, view Distributor’s detail

The flow of Web Application

Flow Chart

The project follows following conventions.

Project Conventions

A distributed Cement Database system stores this following information.

  • User Information: It includes user’s Name, Mobile No, Age, Gender, Address.
  • Cement Information: It includes Company, Product Name, Type, Category, Capacity, Price. In another table it also includes the history of cement which user has bought from distributor in which it includes these many parameters along with the date.
  • Distributer’s Information: It includes Distributor’s Name, Password, and Mobile No.
ER Model

The project Follows Database System so I have designed one ER Model for the project.

ER Diagram
  • User Panel

After the login , In user’s Panel the recent purchases will be shown to user. From here user can know his recent purchases like company name , product , No of Cement bags and price.

User Panel

from side bar user can know his full purchase history. It contains many additional information like Category, Type, capacity , distributor name , distributor no. , no of Cements, amount, Date.

Full history

From selecting “Distributors” on the side bar user can get information about the distributors from whom he/she has bought the Cements.


When user is logging in the first time he/she has to update his profile. When he/she will update the profile the data will be stored in database.

  • Distributor Panel

This software Provides so many functionalities to distributor like customer’s purchase history, stock management, auto generated invoice, etc.

As the Distributor will login he will redirected to distributor panel which will show his/her customer. Here I have used Grid View to make dynamic tables.

Distributor Panel

From sidebar after clicking Add new Cement the distributor can add new Cements or another kind of material in database which is new in the market. He has to fill the details like Company name, Product name, Category, Type, Capacity, Price. After click add button in the backend the SQL query will be run and the data would be added in particular table.

Add Cement

From the sidebar after clicking “Add purchase Details” , the distributor can add purchase detail of particular battery which he has sold to the customer.

Here we add one small but important module. Which is autocomplete form i.e. if distributor fill customer number then customer name filed automatically field from database. Also we add another small module called scale on demand i.e. if customer bought different types of Cements in that case distributor have to write in new row so we add one button called add new. When distributor click that button one new row will comes with specific text box. This will make our project is user interactive or you can say dynamic.

Add purchase Details

Once all products added to purchase form and distributor click on add button then bill receipt will generated automatically. They can also download that bill receipts in PDF form.


After Selecting show purchase from sidebar , the distributor will be redirected to the page where the purchase history will be there. Here the distributor can watch his sales history in details like user name , user no. , company name, Category, Type, Capacity, Price, No. of bags, Amount and Date.

Purchase history

From the sidebar after clicking add Stock the distributor will be redirected to this page. Here distributor can add new stock to the database. here he/she can add product name and type and no of bags. in this whole process product and type is composite key. from this both in the database the other details will be fetch from the another table and will be added. So distributor do not need to add everything all the time.

Add Stock

After clicking “Show Stock ” the distributor can watch his stock.

At distributor side very important thing is stock management. If we maintain stock in paper that will become difficult because every time we have to manually check stock. So, this software helps very much to maintain stock.

We make one dashboard that will give you all details about stock i.e. Cement type ,no. of cement, manufacturer details ,etc. This dashboard is dynamic it means when any customer buy any cement from distributor then stock will automatically decrees by number of cement bags sold by distributor, and when distributor purchase or add new cement bags in stock then this dashboard change according to that.


On clicking particular company the stock detailed information will be shown.

Details of stock

Here I am attaching my GitHub link from where you can download the whole project.

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2X AWS Certified, DevOps Engineer, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors (Alpha)

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Krupa Bhimani

Krupa Bhimani

2X AWS Certified, DevOps Engineer, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors (Alpha)

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