Linux Series Part 1: Boot Process

Hello readers,nowadays DevOps is very growing technology and important for automation. Linux is one of fundamental concept of DevOps. from this blog I am going to start one linux understanding series which will be having basic fundamentals of linux ,its structure and its working.

Boot Process:

Source: Geeks For Geeks

Step 1: power on

Step 2: BIOS

  • Perform system integrity check
  • Search, load, execute bootloader program for hard drive

Step 3: MBR (master boot record)

  • Three sections (primary bootloader, partition table info, MBR validation check)
  • Less than 512 bytes size
  • Located in bootable disk
  • Contain info about grub
  • Loads and executes grub boot loader

Step 4: GRUB

  • You can choose which kernel image execute
  • Display splash screen
  • Loads default kernel image

Step 5: Kernel

  • Executes init program located in /sbin/init
  • Loads file system and execute first program

Step 6: init

  • Decides the linux runlevels
  • Runlevels are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6

Step 7: run level

  • S and K Scripts
  • S -> Startup Scripts
  • K -> Stopping scripts




2X AWS Certified, DevOps Engineer, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors (Alpha)

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Krupa Bhimani

Krupa Bhimani

2X AWS Certified, DevOps Engineer, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors (Alpha)

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